Skin cancer

By far the most common cancer in adults skin cancer can easily be treated when caught early. In the face however a poorly healed scar can be a lasting memory of the treatment. With extensive training in head and neck surgery as well as facial plastic surgery, Dr. VandeGriend does both the treatment and reconstruction of skin cancers. He specializes in advanced aesthetic facial reconstruction.

Ear reconstruction

Deformities of the ear from trauma, skin cancer, auricular hematomas (cauliflower ear) or piercings can usually be improved with small in-office procedures. With the increasing popularity of gauge earrings, many people are now looking to return to a back to their original earlobe shape and size. This is often done to increase employment opportunities or for other social reasons. Usually insurance will cover part or all of the cost for these reconstructive procedures.

Scar revision

As one of the most common reasons to see a plastic surgeon, scar revision can be a very small but satisfying procedure. Although a scar will never technically go away altogether, certain features can be significantly improved to make the appearance much less noticeable. Most commonly due to trauma and cuts on the face, scars can often remind people of the event that occurred every time they look in the mirror. Dr. VandeGriend will discuss realistic expectations of improvements that can be made with scar revision.