As you age, fat is lost in the face and skin loses collagen among other changes resulting in fine wrinkles. Ligaments which anchor the skin tend to stretch and allow for descent of the face and neck. There are many different techniques for lifting and positioning the face and neck tissue back to where it was years ago. Dr. VandeGriend will determine which technique is right for your face, your budget and your aesthetic goals. In many situations this can be performed in our new office procedure suite without general anesthesia or the expense of a surgery center.

Mini Lift

A variety of techniques are available with limited incisions and less downtime than the traditional facelift. Most of the time this can be done in our in-office procedure suite with local anesthesia and some pain medicine. These techniques are best for people with early signs of aging in the jowls and neck.


A weak chin can have significant effects on the appearance of the face. Often this can give the appearance that the nose is too big or worsen the appearance of an aging neck. For the right person, chin augmentation can bring a natural harmony to the face. Most of the time this can be done with a relatively short office procedure.


Done to reshape the ears, otoplasty is most often performed for prominent ears which stick out and draw attention. Children in particular, may experience ridicule, teasing and bullying at school. Early in life kids can become very self-conscious of their ears. A small surgery can give natural permanent changes to the ears. In young children this is performed in the operating room. In teenagers and adults this can often be done in the office.